David Greg Jewellery was incorporated in 2010 and is the jewellery brand of the Global Gem Group, a well-respected diamond and coloured gem wholesaler that has been supplying major jewellery retailers in both the US and Canada for the past 16 years.

Global Gem’s various partnerships with some of the world’s largest site holders and premier jewellery manufacturers allow us direct access to a vast range of diamonds and gems, a wide range of jewellery products including rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. The products are sold to hundreds of jewellery outlets across all key distribution channels, national retail jewellery chains, mass merchants and guild jewelers.

We are generally acknowledged as Canada’s foremost designer of jewellery pieces and our pieces are sought after in numerous fine jewelers. We draw on our craftsmanship and extensive experience that dates back to 1982, with origins in Amsterdam, Johannesburg and now, Toronto.

The David Greg brand was established to help serve the needs of smaller, independent retailers to provide them with tried and tested merchandise in order to help the smaller, independent retailers compete against national and international jewellery brands. The idea is to offer a more refined and stylized product suite, at a price point that is ultimately competitive.

Through our relationship with Global Gem Group, we work with some of the largest diamond and jewellery manufacturers in the world and offer an exceptionally made product because of these relationships.

Design Inspiration

Our design ethic is “conservatively fashionable” but we live by the mantra, “what can be conceived, can be created.” Inspiration comes from the elegant, timeless classics to the ever-evolving world of modern-day fashion. All at an unexpected price point.

The jewellery collections are designed to be uplifting and delicate, wearable and sentimental. Our collections range from the very formal to more “day-to-day” styles. From a single bracelet to a simple pendant, to a magnificent pair of drop diamond earrings, there is always a broad range of styles to choose from, and to add impact to your jewellery display cases.

Our styles appeal to your customers—bridal, (engagement and wedding), and those celebrating life milestone events like anniversaries and graduations. Our styles speak to your customers—particularly the self-purchase regular who is in the market for a pair of classy diamond earrings or a customized pendant.

Customization services
At the very heart of our offering are customization services that allow you and your customers to refine and establish one-of-a-kind jewellery. You can select from a wide range of gems and metals to establish your own line, or customize your offering based on your knowledge of the customers in your area.

Global reach with a personal touch
Remember, on top of our global network, we also offer personalized consultations and would be happy to drop by your store. Please go to our contact page for more information.